Apple iphones OLED screen will supplied by LG and Samsung Display: Report

​​  After years of tireless efforts Apple will start using next generation technology in its Apple Inc's   iphones that is Orgnic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) screens supplied by South Korea's LG Display Co Ltd and the panel-making unit of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. This report has been given by ELECTRONIC Times citing unnamed source.

  According to a report published in Japan's Nikkei newspaper last month, Apple plans to start using OLED screens for iphones in 2018. It also added that Apple is likely to provide funds helping both firms for their investments. While both firms declined to comment, while Apple could not be immediately reached for comment.

  OLED screens are likely to compete strongly to LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) as it is brighter, more efficient, thinner, has better refresh rates and contrast. OLED made by placing thin films (carbon based) materials between two conductors, when an electrical curtent is applied, a bright light is emitted. Since the OLED materials emit light, a backlight is not required.

  LG and Samsung Display are close to sign an agreement with Apple for the supply of OLED screens. The report says that both firms are planning to scale up production of these screens which will count a capital expenditure upto KRW 15 trillion  (Rs. 84,943 cr) over the next two to three years.

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