LG Introduced New bluetooth projector Minibeam PW1500

​LG just announced plans to expand its Minibeam series of projectors at CES 2016. These projectors will debut next month at the Consumer Electronics Show and are a series of three new projectors in the Minibeam series. The models, which are the PH550, PW1000, and PW1500, feature Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and improve on the one-hand grip design of the older Minibeam projectors while also featuring a slimmer profile for increased portability.

According to Brian Kwon, President and CEO of LG's Home Entertainment Company, "With more variety than ever before, LG Minibeam projectors offer enhanced portability with wireless connectivity for an enjoyable viewing experience anytime, anywhere. We look forward to officially unveiling the newest LG Minibeam series at CES 2016.

The compact PH550 eliminates the need for any and all wires thanks to its triple wire-free connectivity. This feature gives you the ability to send content from their smartphone or tablet to the projector via WiFi mirroring-enabled Screen Share. In addition to that, you can also connect speakers wirelessly through Bluetooth and even unplug from the wall for 2.5 hours of viewing using the rechargeable internal battery. All of these features give you a new level of connectivity and freedom and, despite the small size of the PH550, this projector is the brightest among LG's battery-powered projectors at 550 lumens.

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