LG OLED TV brings northern lights to iceland this summer

​The Northern Lights cannot be observed in Iceland from April to August due to the midnight sun which keeps the country lit almost 24 hours a day. To give summer tourists and residents their first opportunity to view the Aurora Borealis during the summer months, LG has invited nearly one thousand guests to the Lights Out, Stars on concert where the hometown Icelandic musicians will perform, with its glass panels resembling the elegant Picture-on-Glass of LG signature OLED TV will feature 40 large OLED TVs installed in an array to display the Icelandic night sky on their perfectly black screens.

The campaign will also feature a photography exhibition displaying images of scenic Icelandic landscapes and night skies on LG OLED TVs. Captured by a number of talented Icelandic photographers, the images showing the natural beauty of the heavens and the Earth will be displayed in a whole new perspective on the perfect surfaces of LG OLED TVs. The photo exhibition will run from July 20 until November 20 in Harpa Concert Hall.

Throughout the campaign, LG has worked closely with award-winning Icelandic writer and activist Andri Magnason. Also joining will be professional astrophotography Sean Parker, who has created original works of art depicting the beautiful Aurora-filled night skies of Iceland. Popular tech YouTube Lewis Hilsenteger of Unboxed Therapy will serve as creative director for the campaign.

“LG has been an innovator in TV technology for the last 50 years and this drive to create the best display has culminated in today’s OLED TV,” said Brian Kwon, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company. “By accurately capturing the beauty of Iceland’s Northern Lights, residents and tourists alike will be able to experience the magic of nature as only LG OLED TV makes possible.”

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