Panasonic creates a “balloon cam” prototype, a hybrid of a balloon and a drone

​Panasonic has developed a “balloon cam” prototype, which is a fusion between a drone and a large balloon for sports and variety of such events. The company will be performing a live demonstration experiment for an event. The cam is capable of producing hi-res videos and can be used in sporting events. It is way more sophisticated than what is being used today for such events. It also has a projector along with the camera for greater functionality.

There have been many requests and also a great need from sports and other event production, and entertainment solutions to provide a superior solution. In response to this increasing demand from the customer, the company has leveraged its video solutions reputation and has developed a prototype of a combination of a drone and a large balloon, the “balloon cam”

Characteristics of the prototype
Panasonic, drone and fusion (multi Copter) and the large balloon, has developed a prototype of the drone system "balloon cam" that the use was assumed in such as sports and events. Projector, etc., the company's equipment and the combination, aims to realize a new event production, promote the development for practical use while performing a demonstration experiment. Balloon cam, wrapped the drone in a large balloon, of a completely new structure production tool. By the incorporated structure the entire drone in a balloon, with enhanced safety. We tried to achieve both stability and mobility of the flight by optimal control the driving force of the propeller. Balloon aircraft to the camera and LED of the cam, by mounting the projector, can be production using video utilizing the balloon cam surface, of the light directing / signage and the like. Freely to move the venue to match the production in the driving force of the four propeller. In addition, energy-saving flight that was taking advantage of the buoyancy of the large balloon, can cope with long-term production. Drone is flying directly above the most recent audience-by wrapped structure with large balloons, Aerial View is made possible a sense of presence. In the future, new entertainment solutions, towards the provision of services, body shapes and balloon cam-specific control technology development, proceed with, such as the accumulation of know-how.
  • Surprising performance using the entire body of the balloon cam the balloon cam may be creatively used for surprising, amazing performances such as displaying images, lighting performances, or signage. The flexible body also creates a soft, friendly ambience.
  • Realizes both mobility and long flights Powered by 4 propellers, the balloon cam can fly around event venues in synch with the planned performance. Furthermore, as it uses the buoyancy of the large balloon and saves energy while in flight, it can be used for long durations of time.
  • Shoots dynamic aerial images since the drone is completely wrapped inside the large balloon, it can fly close to and even above the audience allowing organizers to shoot dynamic aerial footage.

NOTE: ballooncam(TM) is Panasonic Corporation's trademark.

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