Samsung introduce Galaxy apps for samsung gear users

​Now Samsung Gear users download stylish watch faces and useful app all from the same place. Galaxy app provides idle space to do that. That’s why in starting of March 31st, Gear apps will be consolidated with Galaxy Apps.

Galaxy Apps is a store that features entertainment, gaming and productivity-boosting applications for the smart devices of Samsung Electronics. Following the integration, it will also boast a curate section of apps designed exclusively for Samsung’s Gear products.

Gear users can browse customized watch faces, health trackers and information streams directly from Galaxy Apps via the Gear tab.

It also provides an improved search function, the integration allows for maximized convenience. Now no longer will users have to download from two separate platforms - Galaxy Apps has all their needs covered.

Now, both Smartphone and Gear versions can be installed or deleted using the Phone App Also button. Managing and updating apps on both devices is also considerably easier thanks to the My Apps menu.

Users can purchase a Gear device and also look at gear applications previews via Galaxy Apps.

Galaxy Apps is now offering a range of complimentary watch faces to Gear S2 users designed by popular watch face maker Mr. Time (Apposter Inc.). Through these designs consumers can change their smart watches into fashion items, luxurious tourbillions or even gaming devices with just a few simple taps.

Throughout the evolution of Samsung’s Galaxy line-up, Galaxy Apps has consistently added value to the Smartphone experience. And now, with the integration of Gear Apps, Samsung aims to provide a better, more seamless experience for both smart device and wearable device users.

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