WhatsApp group Member limit extended from 100 to 256 members

The world’s most popular instant messaging app-WhatsApp is quietly rolling out an update, which brings in one big change to its groups. WhatsApp has been a favorite social messaging app now a day for major part of the world. But given the kind of exquisitely Indian socializing that happens here, a limit of 50 invites is just something that doesn’t match up to the mark. Therefore, WhatsApp which the increases the number of people one can have in a group chat. The new update allows for 256 members to be added to a WhatsApp group which was limited to 100 prior to the update. And while casual users will be happy, there are others who would be happy with this news as well.

The update is available to both Android and IOS users, but it’s yet to show up on Windows and BlackBerry. Users can create the group chat like they did before but only advantage being the ability to add 256 members.

WhatsApp’s latest version — 2.12.437 – isn’t available on the Google Play Store yet, but can be manually downloaded from the company’s website. To install the downloaded APK file, ensure that you have enabled the setting on your Smartphone. Head over to Settings -> Security -> and enable the option ‘Unknown Sources’. You will be shown a pop message, which warns you against installing apps from unknown sources. Hit Okay to enable the setting.

WhatsApp could be in a position to introduce even more members to a group for an additional cost since the messaging app is a lot more popular than others. Last month, WhatsApp announced that it will no longer charge subscription fees for using the service. WhatsApp’s competitor Telegram introduced Super groups with a limit of up to 1000 members back in November last year and standard group supports up to 200 members. Earlier this week, it was just recently that we heard that WhatsApp crossed the 1 billion user’s milestone with 42 billion messages exchanged daily so this does not sound like a distant dream indeed. This would benefit those group admen’s who run their businesses using Whatsapp. It is also testing business profiles to let business communicate with their customers on WhatsApp.

While the new update won’t bring any monumental changes to user experience, it could well be a good selling point in the business domain. The ability to reach up to 256 colleagues at a time would serve as a great option. If you are already managing large group on WhatsApp and receive requests from more people to join; now you can have up to 256 members. But managing large group is not an easy task.

Facebook could be ramping up plans for WhatsApp since acquiring it. The social network earlier made public that it would cancel the fee but had plans to make money off it by allowing businesses and organizations to communicate with users. So much speculation surely hints that Facebook is indeed up to something with WhatsApp. But for now it is all about when these ideas go into play as WhatsApp’s user base keeps growing, but Facebook has yet to take it first step to make some money of its acquisition.

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