WhatsApp is now free Why Facebook is refraining easy money

​WhatsApp founder Jan koum announced Monday that the company is dropping the service's annual subscription free in an effort to remove the barriers some users faced in using the service. A popular messaging service WhatsApp is now free. The Facebook-owned company declare that they stop charging people 99% annually to use the service until now WhatsApp only free for the first year, with the annual fee added for subsequent years of use. Jan koum announced that the DLD conference in munich and admitted, "It really doesn't work that well". Does this mean we will now see innumerable third party ads? apparently not but, the company will instead try to communicate in different ways.

WhatsApp starting this year will allow to use Whatsapp to communicate with businesses and organizations that you want to hear from "the company said that this will help to communicating with a bank about their recent transaction was fraudulent of with an airline about a delayed flight. mainly this kind of messages are passed on using a simple SMS. WhatsApp aims to offer tools in which they made easy conversations between business and organization with the common man. The first thing that WhatsApp would fall on advertising as a way to bring in revenue, and it will makes perfect sense. All that to say, that there are no real reasons to believe WhatApp would be bringing in advertising as revenue to supplement the loss of subscription fees.

As far as new business model, WhatsApp can use the service to connect wit individuals but said the goal is to avoid spam and unwanted advertising. Facebook helps to communicate with business and organization and allow to users to connect with companies and share the ideas and discuss the different topics, get information the option are there. The only thing that would be added to complete the service that WhataApp describe would be a way for users to opt in to promotion from the companies that you have already connected.

In this new generation WhatsApp is an important part of our lives for communication. We depend on the services to talk to various services It would be either grocery store or even an e-commerce store. But main question arise is security. If service offer a platform where companies and consumers ca make translations, is needs to full security, It is known that even the pentagon trusts blackberry for their internal communication, but not WhatsApp. So would business blindly trust the service for intense transactions?

WhatsApp's parent company is Facebook. It is biggest and strongest platform in technical expertise to take forward. A report by wired point that Facebook allowed WhatApp to concentrate on growth without worrying about revenue. WhatsApp gives more efficient access to more people that any other medium. If this plans go on than there wouldn't be much difference between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Which also allows users to communicate with companies. Facebook making various changes and added new fetchers though the company kept improvising messenger and today, It can be touted as rich-in-media app and not to combining them into a single app. Than keeping two separate messaging app is good decision.

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